12: All India vs Fancy I expected All India to win but not like this. Since the Kanny trade and perhaps before it, Fancy has been fading and fast. This game was annihilation. All India scored more goals than Fancy had shots. 8-0. Run-time began with 17 minutes left in the second. Goals scored by … Continue reading WEEK 11



12: EYES ON 34TH vs GO KIA Eyes on 34th have struggled of late, primarily because they have been short benched most of June. They came into this one with higher spirits. Sim Sandhu is back in the lineup. However, it was Go Kia that looked like the better team early on. 6 minutes into … Continue reading WEEK 10

Week 9

Guest Commentary by Sunny "Big Man" Deol": Well we are here folks. The midway point of the season has arrived, the back to backs are on the horizon. Week 9 in the PBHL was a big one. No teams wanting to give up points heading into the tough July schedule. And it showed on the … Continue reading Week 9

Week 7

12: Go Kia vs Henry Singer Henry Singer took 32 shots. Go Kia took 19. Go Kia won 7-2. What the. Although goalie Raj Grewal was busier than his counterpart, the number of quality scoring chances he faced were much fewer. Henry Singer came out of the gates slow. Recently acquired Armanjot Gill scored first. … Continue reading Week 7


12: Gallo vs Pizza 38 Two evenly matched teams squared off to start week 5. In the early going, Gallo had P38 hemmed into their zone with a relentless forecheck. P38s best offensive chance was dumping it in for icing. Sunny Atwal, aka Gurbechkin, got Gallo on the board first. Man's hot right now. 3 … Continue reading WEEK 5

Week 4

12: ACH vs Fancy By no means is he hitting the panic button but Sukhman Thind must be getting nervous. His team is the only winless team in the league. Last year his team was undefeated at this point. It was a good day to get points as they were playing a Fancy team that … Continue reading Week 4