Art Homes are the hottest team in the PBHL right now. They have knocked off many of the top teams and find themselves playing arguably the 3rd best team in the PBHL. It was not much of a match. Shiv Puri set aside 26/26 DI shots to secure a deserved shutout. Art Homes didn’t have the same issues scoring. They scored just 5 minutes into the game. Roni Sandhu from Ram Soos and Akash Mehta. Roni batted a rebound out of mid air to score it. Second goal was also assisted by Ram Soos, he took a shot and rebound was put away by Kulshaan Kahlon. 2-0 at half. Art wasn’t done. Roni Sandhu picked up another rebound in the 2nd half to make it 3-0 and Sukhman scored an empty netter to make it 4-0. Art is sizzling. Must be the new sticks.


This was the most outrageous game in PBHL history. We didn’t know if we should have been embarrassed or proud. All India was without their goalie for the first half of the game. You’d think this was going to be an easy mercy. No chance. In fact, All India played with 6 players and were up 3-0. Incredible. Goals were scored by Sunny Basi then two by Rob Gakhal. Ranbir Dhesi was the make-shift goalie and he played great. Making stick and blocker saves like a natural. Ultimately, Gallo sorted themselves out and scored. Rajan Dhami scored all three into the empty net, assisted by Joe Sangha on each of them. But somehow All India didn’t let this deflate them and they kept scoring while playing without a goalie. Harminder Atwal put them up 4-3. Then Suksham Shan scored 2 and Sunny Basi got another. Vin Panesar made it 7-4 and in the second half, All India ran out of gas. Despite having their goalie back, they allowed 3 straight goals from Gallo, Sawan Dhaliwal, Joe Sangha and Rajan Dhami. Gallo sent this game to OT. OT didn’t accomplish anything and in the shootout, Gallo sent out Joe Sangha, Nonie Maan and Deep Sangha. Only Deep scored. All India sent out Guri Grewal, Bobby Bhullar and Robby Bagri but none of them could beat Sim Deo. 8-7 SO.


Pizza 38 is coming off a big win against Fun Park and Hot Shot lost a tough one to All India. It seems like Hot Shot’s red arrow from Calgary arrived sooner than Pizza 38 because they had their guys back and Pizza 38 was thin up front. It showed. Hot Shot dominated from start to finish and Pizza 38 could not muster much offence at all. Hot Shot looked like they were playoff ready, a stark difference than the day before. Goals were scored by Sunny Khaira who pounced on a P38 turnover and ran in on net, going shelf. Another defensive zone turnover led to Deepu receiving the ball wide open in the slot, rocket. 3rd goal was by Shawn Atwal who seemed to have all day infront of net to beat the Pizza 38 goalie. 4th goal was scored by Deepu again, received a cross ice pass, cut in, shot it, bar down. Hot Shot 4-0. Pizza 38 is not doing themselves any favours with Eyes breathing down their neck for the final playoff spot.


Eyes could make up ground on Pizza 38, who they just watched lose to Hot Shot. But they are playing an ERC team that has been tough to beat. Eyes scored first, Arshil Ahmed scored off a one timer after the ball worked around to him off the PP. Then a couple minutes later, Arshil forechecked hard, created a turnover and gave it to fellow rookie Khalil Juma who made no mistake. 2-0 Eyes. We told you the rookie class this year was exceptional. You’ve heard the cliche that 2-0 is the worst lead in hockey. You have also heard that cliche that you have to close off each half strong. Well if you combine those mistakes, you do what Eyes did. They let ERC score with 0.06 left in the first half. Navi Brar found Rajan Heer in the slot and Rajan put it upstairs. They came within 1 after Ricky Grewal scored a goal. But Sunny Matharu scored a crucial goal from Buddy Gandoke and then the insurance goal came by way of an empty netter scored by Khalil Juma. Eyes wins 4-2.


Where did Telus’ offence go? It has dissipated. They need their glue guy, Guppy Rai back ASAP Rocky. Fun Park did their best not to go 0-2 this weekend. They played Telus tough and didn’t let them create much. Indy Hari scored first, assisted by Sunny Brar and Sanjay Sarker. Then Sanjay scored from Pukhraj Dhaliwal and Sunny Brar. Lastly, with 10 seconds left in the game, Sunny Brar scored from Navtej Dhillon.

Trade Deadline is Thursday. We aren’t expecting much movement. Game this weekend is on Saturday. Please warm up before the game at home. Do baatka or play kabaddi with your dad. as there won’t be much time in between games. We want as much time for the actual games as possible. Some very important ones.

See you Saturday.