Breakout Players 2018

We decided to take a break from the write-ups these past two weeks as other members of our league were providing similar content in a different medium and we thought after 6 years of our write-ups, you’d enjoy a refreshing view on the games. This doesn’t mean we are abandoning the write-ups and you will see them again but let’s enjoy this for the time being.

Now this blog post was created by Big Man.  His views are his own and not the league’s as we have not yet combed through the numbers or the analysis. But from my glance, it appears well-researched and I think our guys will enjoy it.

Without further ado, Breakout Players 2018 by Big Man:

Navi Grewal – All India

(PBHL S5 Stats- 11 Games 2 Goals 2 Assists 4 Points)

(PBHL S6 Stats- 14 Games 7 Goals 9 Assists 14 Points)

Navi G came into the 2018 PBHL season looking to bounce back from the previous years. And he has done just that this season but before we breakdown the numbers let’s look at some of the qualities and skillset he brings to His All India team. Navi like many players in this feature has high hockey IQ. Unlike some of his teammates Navi isn’t a player who talks a lot he lets most of his talking happen on the court. He is cerebral and has strong ability to find open spaces which allows him to create high percentage scoring chances for his team. Navi has always been a threat from the Left hash board on the Power play and this allows an already deep All India PP to spread other teams out creating lanes for themselves. But now let’s get into the numbers. Navi has increased his point total from the 2017 season by 4 times. Jumping up from 4 to 16 this season with 3 games still remaining. But let’s look even further. Navi has increased his GPG (Goals per game) from 0.18 per game to 0.5 per game this season and his APG (Assist per game) has taken an even higher jump going from 0.18 to 0.64. Naturally this has increased Navi’s PPG (Points Per Game) this season as he sits 1.14 PPG compared to 0.36 PPG last season.  Navi’s impact to his team can be shown by the Percentage of goals he has been on this season. Considering All India’s big three Rob (39.2%), Anoop (39.2%), Amit (26.7%) Navi’s 28.5 % contribution rate on goals show he gives AI not only secondary scoring but another top line forward helping them sit on top of the league.

Nonie Maan – Gallo And Company

(PBHL S5 Stats – 12 Games 1 Goals 1 Assists 2 Points)

(PBHL S6 Stats – 13 Games 7 Goals 12 Assists 19 Points)

Nonie Maan much like Navi G is a good player who had a year he would like to forget last season. And based on his production and play the 2017 PBHL season is far in the rear view. But again, before we break down the numbers let’s look at what Nonie provides for Gallo And Co. Nonie is the definition of a power forwards. He provides Gallo with a big body who has hands and the ability to finish from in close. Nonie also has a high hockey IQ which allows him to be effective off the ball allowing him to provide opening for his teammates. His net presence, hands, and finishing ability with little space makes Gallo a tough match up when on the powerplay. often getting teams to abandon their shape in order to put a body in front of the net. When looking at Nonie’s numbers has had a staggering point increase of 9.5 times compared to last season jumping to 19 points so far this season compared to 2 last year. With his GPG jumping from 0.08 to 0.58 per game and his APG going from 0.08 to 0.85 per game. The numbers keep getting unbelievable when looking at his PPG increase. Going from 0.16 PPG last season to 1.46 PPG this season. Damn Nonie what type of roti you been eating this year bro? Now like Navi let’s look at Nonie Contribution rate and percentage of goals he has been in on this season. In addition to Gallo and Co.’s big three of its own Sunny (42.1%), Jas (34.3%), Deep (29.6%) Nonie’s contribution rate of 29.6% shows why this offense has put up the most goals so far this season and why Gallo has been on the heels of top seed All India all year.

Sam Sekhon – Gallo and Company

(PBHL S5 Stats – 12 Games 1 Goal 2 Assists 3 Points)

(PBHL S6 Stats – 13 Games 4 Goals 12 Assists 16 Points)


Sam Sekhon is the only Defenseman on this list and it’s well deserved. Unlike the other two names mentioned so far, Sam’s 2018 season would be considered more of Break out then a bounce back season. Personally, I’ve always been a big fan of Sam’s game he has always been strong on the defensive side of the ball and a bit underrated in my opinion. Playing with grit and toughness he has shown the ability to be an intelligent shut down defensemen in the PBHL who you can trust in taking care of your team’s own end first. And that hasn’t changed this season Sam has shown the same awareness he has always had on the defensive side of the ball. What has changed or better phrased what has been added to Sam’s game this season is on the offensive side of the ball. Sam has increased his Point total 5.33 times from last season going from 3 points to 16 points so far this year. He has increased his GPG from 0.08 to 0.30 per game and has taken huge jump in his APG jumping from 0.16 last season to 0.92 this season. Part of this increase in Assists has been more confidence in his break out pass but also, I feel it’s adding moving with the ball when needed to and allowing passes to open up for him. The D man’s PPG has taken large jump going from 0.25 to 1.23 this season. And this has been happening 5 on 5 folks, Sam hasn’t been featured In Gallo and Co.’s PP this season. This makes Sam’s contribution rate even more impressive as he has been in on 25 % of his team’s goals. This sit only behind 4 defensemen in the PBHL, Jessy (41.3%), Jiven (40%), Anoop (39.2%), Amit S (26.7%). Sam should no longer be underrated in PBHL circles.

Jimmy Sidhu – Eyes on 34th

(PBHL S5 Stats – 11 Games 5 Goals 2 Assists 7 Points)

(PBHL S6 Stats – 12 Games 4 Goals 15 Assists 19 Points)

Jimmy Sidhu is another guy who is having a season I wouldn’t consider a bounce back but more of a break out year. Jimmy Sid’s has always been an effective player. He has a high hockey IQ and patience to go with it that allows him the ability to control a game. He has exceptional vision along with the touch and finesse to make skilled plays for his teammates. Jimmy was effective last season and played a big part in helping Captain Amit Mann’s squad win the championship. But Jim’s come into this season and showcased what a lot of us already knew about his talent. Jimmy’s point total has gone up 2.7 times from 7 to 19. While his GPG has dropped slightly from 0.45 last to 0.33 this season, it’s his APG that highlight Jim’s skill set going up from 0.18 last season 1.25 per game in 2018. His playmaking ability is where his touch and vision and been shown this season. His PPG has jumped up from 0.63 to 1.58 this season. I know what a lot of people are going to say. “He gets to play with Sim”. But let’s not forget Jimmy Sid’s was Eyes on 34ths best player during Sim absence and was big reason why the squad was in a playoff position prior to Sims return. Jimmy had 11 points in 6 games without Sim this season proving he was driver for Eyes and his Contribution rate shows just how important he has been for the team. Only Sim (45.8%*likely higher with more games) has higher CR for Eyes then Jimmy who has been in on 39.5% of his team’s goals. Jim has been massive for Eye’s on 34th this season

That wraps up this week’s player profiles. We’ve had a lot of guys that have had breakout/bounce back season and could have been included in this write up. Sunny Basi, Amir Bain, Nav Khinda, Jason Heer, Harminder Atwal have all had great season and could have made this list. Hope you enjoyed this feature, if you did, look forward to more player profiles on Unsung/Rookies/Dmen/Goalies/Snipers/MVPs in the coming few weeks.