12: All India vs Fancy

I expected All India to win but not like this. Since the Kanny trade and perhaps before it, Fancy has been fading and fast. This game was annihilation. All India scored more goals than Fancy had shots. 8-0. Run-time began with 17 minutes left in the second.

Goals scored by Anoop/Gakhal/Shawn/SunnyBasi/NG3/Gakhal/Singher/Balraj Lally.

1: ACH vs Eyes

An absolute thriller.

JJ behind the net, did well to pick out sukhman who had time to get off a shot just behind the slot area. A scramble in front of the ACH net allowed Eyes to tie it up. Kanny got a glimpse of it, pulled it upstairs from a very tight angle to score.

Sukhman took a shot from just after the half red line, Balraj thought he had it but it spilled out and Robie Brar was right there to pop it into the open cage. Go to the net fellas.

Sukhman couldn’t have done more for his team this game. He scored a one time slapshot to give them a 3-1 lead. Then minutes after that, Eyes failed to clear it in front of their own net, JJ swiped it to Sukhman, another shot another goal.

With 16 seconds left in the first, Kanny ripped a clapper from the point. 3-2.

Sukhman scored two more. They kept leaving him open in the slot area and he kept making them regret it. 5-2 with 7 minutes left in the game.

ACH should have been home free with a much needed two points. But they ain’t about that life. Instead, they outdid their previous collapses. Turnover to Amir, goal. 5-3.

Scramble infront of the net to Greg. Goal. 5-4.

With 41 seconds left and the goalie pulled, Kanny gets the ball from Jotha who did really well to break up a play at centre ice. Kanny flew down the right side, passed it across to a streaking Sim who put it five hole from in close. 5-5.

In OT, Harv passed it back to Kanny who was on the point. He missed well wide but Sim Sandhu who was battling with Arjun in front of the net got one hand free and as it came off the boards, he batted it in with one hand to win the game in OT. WOW.

2: Dhillon Insurance vs Pizza 38

DI was short and P38 basically had a full squad.

It didn’t matter much because rookie Milan Sahni, had a career game. Kid had a had trick. We hope he took the game ball home. We’ll charge him later.

First he took a pass cut across the slot and shot it just over G Rai’s pad.

Then there was a scramble in front and it fell to Gary Dhillon. Giving Gary the ball in close with time is a guaranteed goal. 2-0 DI.

Shawn Heer made it 3-0 with his third goal in two games. 3-0 at half.

Virdee must have tore into these guys at half because they looked like a different team in the second. Jessy Virdee scored. Mani Sira had taken a shot one second earlier, it got blocked then it fell to Virdee who turned and hit it, goal.

Then with 5 minutes left Kulshaan made a nice pass to Akash, he’s money from there 3-2.

P38 was asking alot of questions of DI but DI held them off. Milan scored a crucial goal after having a few whacks at in front of the net. Then he scored an empty netter. Iced. 5-2 DI.

3: Go Kia vs Vacuums

This was a tight one. Go Kia outshot 33-16.

Jason Heer scored first for Vacuums. Newly acquired Hinda Sandhu tied it up. There were few chances between the squads. OT was required. Harminder Atwal who is having a breakout season scored the OT winner. 2-1.

4: Gallo vs Henry Singer

Although these two teams are on opposite ends of the spectrum, one of Gallo’s only losses was to Henry Singer and HS had thoroughly beat Gallo that game.

Henry Singer started the game very strong. In fact they scored on their second shift of the game. Rajan Dhami from inclose passed by Chavda.

The game was tied by Deep in front of the net assisted by Mani and Jas.

Mahmoud Mahfouz made it 2-1 after cutting in and scoring.

After that it was all Gallo. Zee Abbasi is relishing his new role as a defender. Scored a rocket from the slot area. Then defender Ricky Sekhon saw Zee do it and scored a similar goal 3-1. Mani Bops got his second batting a rebound out of mid-air. Deep Sangha made it 5-2. Gallo rolls. But Henry Singer did play better than the score dictates.