12: EYES ON 34TH vs GO KIA

Eyes on 34th have struggled of late, primarily because they have been short benched most of June. They came into this one with higher spirits. Sim Sandhu is back in the lineup.

However, it was Go Kia that looked like the better team early on. 6 minutes into the game Mano Sidhu took a feed from Anoop Grewal, took a shot from a rather ambitious angle but found the back of the net. 1-0.

The game was tied by Amir Bains about 4 minutes later. Sim Sandhu took a pass from Harjot Sangha, they had numbers as they rushed up the court, on the 2 v 1 he found Amir Bains. Amir hit it upstairs on a first time shot. 1-1.

Players got to remember that the shift after scoring a goal is very important and if you let your guard down and get scored on, you erase any lead and also swing the momentum in the opposition’s favour. Harminder Atwal did just that. 16 seconds after Eyes scored, he gained the zone, stopped and popped. Nice to see the young man rip a slapshot. Not his m.o.

Sim Sandhu tied it up  with 3 minutes left into the half. There was a faceoff just outside of Go Kia’s zone. He won it back but the ball died in that awkard area between the winger and the defender. Greg Gandoke showed some soccer skills and kicked it forward to Sim. Sim sprinted into the Go Kia zone on a half breakaway on his backhand. Rather than going forehand he froze the goalie by going straight up stairs. Nice goal.

Harminder Atwal played a crucial part in his team’s third goal. Relentless one man forecheck caused a turnover that fell to Andy Grewal, Andy made no mistake. 3-2.

Later, Sarb got robbed by BK to keep Eyes in it.

This is where Go Kia will feel hard done. In my opinion they were the better team and deserved to win but Eyes got the better bounces. First, Buddy got the ball on the right side just a few feet inside the other team’s blueline. He cut in towards the middle, took a wrist shot, it deflected off a guy, and almost like a lob shot with the 60 degree wedge, it lobbed slow motion into the back of the net. Goalie lefty could do nothing but watch.

The go ahead goal by Eyes was even more weird. Harjot Sangha took a shot, it was a hard shot but nothing out of the ordinary, it hit the goalie’s upper body possibly helmet, popped straight up, hit the goalie’s helmet and trickled in.

The game was iced by Sim Sandhu, after being robbed in close twice by Lefty, Sim got a third crack at it. Goal. 5-3 Eyes.

1: Vacuums vs Dhillon Insurance 

Rami Johal scored first. He showed good hands, went in all alone vs the goalie from the left side and clipped it far side just over the goalie’s outstretched pad. 34 seconds later there was chaos in front of the net Shawn Heer got a hold of the loose ball and put it in.

No one else scored in the first half. Second half started off with a bang. KD had an opportunity to shoot, he didn’t. We were all confused. He passed it to Gurp who was on the other side behind the net, Gurp found a streaking Gopi. Gopi hit it one-time top cheese. Rocket shot. Celly was good too.

Something very rare happened right after. An in-game penalty shot. Kal Sahota got slashed on a breakaway. The ref pointed to centre ice. Fans went wild. Kal stepped up, made a very nice move out-waiting Jaz who came out for a poke check and Kal made it look easy. 3-1.

Vacuums took a bad penalty. Sunny Brar got the ball on the blue line. No screen. No problem. He ripped it from the point scorching the netting. 3-2.

Navi Brar probably couldn’t walk in a straight line when this game started but he was good enough to tie it up. Snipe from in close. 3-3.

Kabaadi took a feed from Gurp a foot in from the blueline, snipe. 4-3 with 5 minutes left.

Shawn Heer was the hero in this game. A minute later, he took a feed from Navi and hit it cross body first time through Jag Mann (not).

This one needed a shootout. KD, Gurp and Jason all missed. As did Jatin for DI. Shawn Heer stepped up and earned DI the two points.

2: Henry Singer vs Pizza 38

Mahmoud is not going to be happy with us. We are going to let you in on a secret. The guy has great hands. He likes to get the ball on the sides, circle in towards the slot and snipe. 50% of his goals are scored this way. This is exactly how he gave HS the early lead.

P38 tied it up rather flukely. Is that a word. Vardy floated one on net, it handcuffed the goalie, the goalie thought he had it under his pad but it had trickled away from him. Mani Sira, chilling in his favorite spot, banged it in.

P38 scored on another error. Shaun Atwal converted.

Akash made it 3-1. He retrieved it from the corner, came out to slot area and ripped one short side.

Rajan Dhami scored. It wasn’t that sexy of a goal but it keeps him trending in the right direction. He is coming off a very slow start to the season.

P38 wins 4-2. Akash scored a beauty to end it. Went to the net, faked forehand, went backhand. Top drawer for good measure.

3: Art Custom Homes vs All India

It did not take long for someone to score. Shawn Atwal got the ball in the offensive zone, cut left towards middle and snapped it high. It sailed just over the goalie’s shoulder. 1-0.

45 seconds after. See its a trend. Sukhman Thind walks into the zone and rips a clapper far side. 1s.

ACH took the lead after Waqas made a gorgeous one hand back door pass to Sukhman who slotted it in. It took JJ a couple whacks at it in front of the net to make it 3-1.

There are three constants in life. Death, taxes and ACH blowing a lead.

On cue, Singh walks into the zone untouched, and claps one bar-down.

with 30 seconds left in the first, Gakhal finds Navi in his favourite spot. Navi scores a NG3 howitzer from the baseline. 3-3 at half.

All India scored first in the 2nd to regain the lead. Anoop Sahota from Gakhal and Shawn Atwal. 4-3.

ACH battled back. They earned themselves a pp and it was Gurveer Chohan who ripped one, assisted by Waqas and JJ.

All for not. In heartbreaking fashion, with two minutes left in regulation, Gakhal scores to give All India all the points. 5-4.

4: Gallo vs Fancy

Jas Sadhra scored first. Nonie had the ball on the half-boards, waited for Jas to get open in the slot, with a couple feet of separation, he let one go from the slot. In.

They added to the lead after captain Deep Sangha took a feed from Jas Sadhra and made no mistake. It was 3-0 in the first because of Sam Sekhon. Highlight reel goal. The steady d-man found a lane to the net, demanded the ball, got it, walked in unattended and ripped a wrist shot in close just under the bar. Rowdy.

Fancy scored with 1 second left before the first half buzzer to cut it to 3-1.

In the second half, Zee Abbasi ripped a point shot which ricocheted of Gurbechkin for a goal. 4-1. Newly acquired Deepu Sandhu made his presence felt by scoring with 4 minutes left in the game.

Fancy pulled their goalie and pressed for one more but instead Sam Sekhon took this opportunity to score his second of the game empty net.

Gallo wins fairly easily. 5-2.