Week 7

12: Go Kia vs Henry Singer

Henry Singer took 32 shots. Go Kia took 19. Go Kia won 7-2. What the.

Although goalie Raj Grewal was busier than his counterpart, the number of quality scoring chances he faced were much fewer. Henry Singer came out of the gates slow. Recently acquired Armanjot Gill scored first. He took a back pass from Ram Soos, roared down the left side before snapping it past the sub goalie.

With 3 minutes left in the half Henry Singer made it level. Sam Punian did well to intercept a defensive pass, found himself all alone with the goalie and deftly finished on the breakaway.

There was about a minute left in the half and on a nothing play Sarb Bath got the ball at half, dumped it in and chased after it. His linemates were changing. He continued to pursue the ball despite the numbers disadvantage and it caused Henry Singer’s defence a fit. They couldn’t cleanly clear the zone. The ball bounced around causing some chaos and Harminder Atwal capitalized on this, scoring from a few from the crease.  19.8 seconds left in the half. Deflating.

The second half was much of the same. Henry Singer got shots but alot of those shots were right at the goalie’s pads or at his chest. The goalie did well to smother rebounds.

It became 3-1 after Jotty Atwal rushed up the zone, bulled his way towards the net and found Sarb Bath who made no mistake. Another strong game by Jotty Atwal.

Not to be outdone, the second part of that trade, Armanjot Gill scored again making it 4-1. Henry Singer collapsed after this. The mercy rule was triggered a few minutes into the second half. They got pumped for a few more goals. The one bright spot was Preet Sandhu who scored a nice goal, batting the ball out of mid air infront of the net.

Henry Singer is falling quickly and may need to make a trade to shake things up.

1: Vacuums vs Art Custom Homes

Both teams are trending in a positive direction and this was projected to be a close one.

ACH’s first goal was off the offensive zone draw. Sukhman Thind won it cleanly to Jaspal Sohi who cranked a slapshot top corner through a collage of screens. Their second goal was set up by Amanvir Sanghera, he was on a 2v1 with Deepak Gill, nice sauce to Deepak who one-timed it in.

Trades work. The play of Jotty Atwal and Armanjot in the previous game, and Amanvir and Robie Brar in this game is perfect evidence of this.

Robie Brar made it 3-0, assisted by Sukhman who found him open in the slot.

But on the very next shift, ten seconds later, Vacuums cut the lead to two after Gurp Bhangal, behind the net, found Jason Deol in the slot.

That was as close as they got. JJ sped down the wing, on a 2v1, he elected to shoot and that was the right decision. Snipe past the goalie. Kal Sahota and Waqas Khan scored a goal each for their respective teams before this game got ugly. 5-2 was the final. There was some increased activity from the Commissioner’s office this Sunday, there may be some discipline arising from this game.

2: Gallo vs All India

Could Gallo beat the streak?

This was the marquee matchup of the week. Many pundits had Gallo being the best bet to give the undefeated All India their first L.

From the early going it was all Gallo. They won the 50/50 battles and looked like the hungrier team. All India’s chances were few and far between as their offence sputtered without their captain. But defensively, All India was able to keep it close.

Nonie Mann had himself a performance for Gallo and he was the difference maker. First, Sunny Khaira won a facebook back to him from the right circle, he tip toed towards the middle of the net and shelfed it past Bobby Rai. 1-0.

Gallo was about to take the lead into half until All India went on the PP. Anoop Sahota and Amit Singh played keep a away on the blue line until Amit got himself in position to rip a one-timer past Sim Deo from the point. Post and in. 1-1.

Nonie Mann, gave Gallo the lead 4 minutes into the second. He got some room in the slot area, had enough time to clap it through the goalie.

Nonie completed the natural hat trick after Sunny K (three apples) won another faceoff in the offensive zone. This time the ball bounced to Nonie who had a clear path to the net. He went backhand on the goalie. 3-1 Gallo final.

Both goalies, Sim Deo and Bobby Rai played strong.

3: Pizza 38 vs Eyes

These two teams are trending opposite of each other. P38 is fighting for a top spot while Eyes is trying to survive the month of June. Eyes isn’t the same team without Sim Sandhu. But in their defence, they are missing other key players as well. Today, they were in tough against Pizza 38’s high powered offence.

This game got out of hand quickly. Pizza 38 scored 7 goals in this game. 5 different scorers. Kulshaan Kahlon and Jesse Virdee got 2 a piece. On an aside, Jesse Virdee is having a monster season.

The other scorers were Mani Sira, Tajvir Dhillon and Harjup Dhillon. Somehow Akash Mehta didn’t score although he had three assists.

Despite losing 7-3. There was a positive. Eyes received some secondary scoring.  Sukhman Sandhu, Indy Hari and Harv Dhaliwal all scored. They’ll need this scoring as they face Gallo next week.

4: DI vs Fancy

No one could score for the first ten minutes. Gary Dhillon is heating up, scoring in his last two games and looked dangerous in his last three. He was the one to strike first. Nice give and go, the ball eventually took a bounce of the back wall and Gary cleaned it up.

1-0 at half.

Arjun Dhaliwal tied it up just 15 seconds into the second half. Pretty much a solo effort, he gained the zone and sniped it top cheese.

But this was short-lived. Jatin Sahni showed another layer to his offensive arsenal. The rookie ripped a point shot to beat Joe Sandhu. 2-1.

Navi Brar made it 3-1. Another nice passing play allowed him to open up in the slot area. You can’t leave him alone there. He will score more often than not.

Although he didn’t score, Prabh Thind did have a very strong defensive game. He followed AD anywhere he went and broke up some key plays. Unfortunately, Prab didn’t send us a write up about his defensive play this week.

Navi Brar iced the game with one minute left. 4-1 win DI.

***TRADE ALERT: Update: Mondays are the worst but Sandeip Khanna can’t complain. He was traded to 1st place All India for Amit Chavda this evening. Henry Singer captain Sonny Sekhon may not be done making moves.