Week 6

12: ACH vs DI

ACH locker room was buzzing before this one. One of their key D-men was back and they just pulled off a trade that shook up the locker room.

Waqas Khan, who is having a decent season, wanted to try something new to get his team into the win column. He decided to change his number. That move paid dividends. 2 minutes and 30 seconds into the game he tipped a shot by Shaneil Kumar making it 1-0.  On his next shift newly acquired Amanvir Sanghera took possession of the ball near his blueline. Waqas, who had snuck behind a defenceman, was streaking, looking for a breakaway pass. They connected. On the break, Waqas showed good composure, he let Jaz Dhaliwal go for the poke check and once Jaz did, he scooped it upstairs.

Gary Dhillon cut the lead in half with 2 minutes before half on the PP. The ball bounced off the boards, came out in front, and he batted it in mid-air. Those hands….

3-1 ACH after Avnash Mann picked up a loss ball in front of the net and put it away. The young man had himself had a strong game and you can see him improve each game.

3-2 after Gary Dhillon scored again on the PP. Assisted by Sanjay and Sunny.

ACH was 18 seconds away from their first win of the season. Unfortunately for them, Amiraj Jawanda cleaned up from infront of the net and this game needed OT.

In OT ACH had some quality scoring chances but they missed some gaping nets. With 17.8 seconds in OT there was some confusion between ACH’s goalie and his d-man, Navi poked the ball free to Sanjay who found Prabh Thind  and Prabh scored.

Prabh is pretty jacked up about his goal. He could be heard repeating this story when anyone walked into the bar on Saturday. We asked him to send us a play by play of his goal. In his own words ” …sanj see prab thind covered by his cousin sukhman thind..he made the pass through two sticks.. ball is now on prabh thinds stick prabh gets the ball and puts it through sukhmans leg, then prabh thind put it through his own legs, then prabh smiled at karnjit and said “fakkk yeaa” prabh then proceeded to put the ball through karnjit fivehole.

Thanks Prabh. 4-3 comeback win from DI.

1: Go Kia vs Gallo

Key to the game: contain Gurby Atwal.

Gallo got off to flying start. Their forecheck was engaged and they were giving Go Kia fits. But Go Kia weathered this and drew first blood. Roni Sandhu scored, it came from Andy Grewal and Gurinder Sanghera.

The game leveled after that. Chances were traded and half drew close. With 3 minutes left Sunny Nerval chased down a rebound from behind the net, he passed it cross-crease and it found Gurby Atwal, yeap, who made no mistake.

10 seconds after that Gallo made it 2-1. Sunny Khaira, won the offensive zone faceoff and sniped.

Five minutes into the second, newly acquired Jotty Atwal had a beast mode shift in the offensive zone, protected the ball well before dishing it to Gurdeepak Kalay.

No one scored for 11 minutes. Gallo tied it up. Deep Sangha took a pass from the left side, did a spin to generate some separation and then shot and scored. 3-3.

With 48 seconds left, Jas Sadhra caused some havoc in Go Kia’s zone. Near the end of his shift, he intercepted a pass, got it near the slot, took a snap shot. Goal.

This marks the second game in a row where Go Kia lost in regulation with less than a minute left. These ones are tough to take.

2: P38 vs AI

The two top teams thus far squared off in the mid-card. This was a game of two halfs. In the first, it was all P38 then they got into some penalty trouble and AI was allowed back in it.

First, with 5 minutes left in the first half, Mani Sira found Akash Mehta on a breakaway, he went forehand backhand. Goal. 1-0.

A minute into the second, Akash scored again. This time he got it in the slot, got his own rebound and put it away.

It was 3-0 after Virdee got the ball at the point, he tee’d it up and went top cheese vs Bobby Rai.

This is where you should have cashed out.

With ten minutes left, AI mounted a historic comeback and P38 collapsed. On the PP, Singh took a shot, Gakhal scored off the rebound. With 2 minutes left Shawn Atwal got the ball at the top of the circle in the offensive zone after a mad scramble, he placed it far side. Brings his team within 1.

With 24 seconds left and on the PP, Amit Singh takes a wrist shot from the point, it gets on net through a few screens and finds the back of it.

In OT, Anoop got the ball in his own end, flew down the right side, worked a nice give and go with Goldy and then went five hole from just outside of the crease. Comeback complete. 4-3. AI still undefeated.

3: Fancy vs Henry Singer

This was a defensive duel. Neither team could score much although HS did win the shot total by a wide margin. 27-11.

Captain Amit Mann scored 8 minutes in. Jiven Gill took a shot, rebound bounced to Amit and he made no mistake.

With 2 minutes before half HS tied it. Chaos in front of the net, Joe Sandhu made the first two saves but Sunny Math scored on the third.

No one scored in the 2nd half. In OT, after Kanny Sandhu survived taking a bad penalty in regulation, he got out of the box, caused a turnover at half, went the other way on a 2v1 and found Sewak Lalli who potted the game winner. 2-1 Fancy in OT.

4: Eyes vs Vacuums

After the 3PM thriller, this game was a let down. Eyes is still short benched. Vacuums is playing some great hockey. They took a record 40 shots on Balraj Khosah. If not for BK, we would have seen double digits. There is not much to say about this game. It was one-sided in all aspects, Karan Dhaliwal scored a hat trick and Jason Heer scored the other. Vacuums is very tough to beat right now.