Week 4

12: ACH vs Fancy

By no means is he hitting the panic button but Sukhman Thind must be getting nervous. His team is the only winless team in the league. Last year his team was undefeated at this point. It was a good day to get points as they were playing a Fancy team that didn’t have Arjun Dhaliwal.

But it was Fancy who took the lead 5 minutes in. Jiven Gill was allowed to walk in from the blue line and shot it past the goalie. Then they scored again 3 minutes after that. Amit Mann on the PP. He got it down low on the right circle and wristed one top cheese.

ACH had an answer. Just thirty second after that. Sim Mahal drove the zone then to the net put it low short side to beat Joe Sandhu. 2-1 at half.

In the second, Jiven sent Kanny Sandhu on a breakaway. He showed great hands and finished the goalie with a backhand.

Sukhman made it 3-2. Gurveer took a shot, it went well wide but took a lively bounce to Sukhman who made no mistake from a few feet from the net.

Joty Atwal except for his penalty trouble had a strong game and nearly tied it himself trying to go end to end. But that was as close as they got. ACH 0-4 to start the season.

1:All India vs Dhillon Insurance

All India hasn’t lost 3-0 looking for 4. DI looking to bounce back after a deserved loss last week.

4 minutes in AI took the lead. Goldy Gill found himself on his blueline. Thought, f it, I’ll shoot. Good thing he did. He ripped it past Jaz Dhaliwal. Anoop Sahota was inspired by this and ten minutes later he too shot from the blue line and clapped one in. 2-0.

Sunny Basi ruined tradition by scoring in a different manner. There was chaos in front, he had two cracks and on the second, buried. 3-0

With less than two minutes left in the first, All India took a high sticking penalty and gave DI the powerplay. Sunny Brar brought back tradition thursdays, slapshot, blue line, post and in.

Ultimately, that was it. Gakhal scored 2 minutes into the second half to make it 4-1 and no one scored after that. All India remains perfect while Sunny Brar is looking to shake up his team in a big way. Who’s available? Navi? Prabh? Both? Rowdddyyyy.

2: Go Kia vs Pizza 38

Mani Sira broke open the floodgates scoring on the PP from Gagan and Jesse Virdee. Akash Mehta scored 9 mins left in the first to take a 2-0. P8 playing better than Go Kia.

At half it was 2-0. Go Kia must of heard an impassioned speech from someone, they came out second half a different team.

First, Ricky Grewal, curled out of the corner & takes a well-placed shot short side. 2-1. Then 5 minutes later after a good shift with linemates Deepu and Robie Brar, Mano Sidhu crashed the net and buried a rebound making it 2-2.

13 minutes of regulation didn’t solve anything nor did OT. Teams went to a shootout.

P38 / Go Kia: O denotes goal

Tajvir Dhillon X/ Amanvir Sanghera X

Jesse Virdee X/ Sarb Bath O

Akash Mehta O / Harminder Atwal X

Gagan Khaira X/ Deepu Sandhu X

Kulshaan Kahlon X/ Ricky Grewal X

Mani Sira X/ Mano Sidhu O

Mano Sidhu wins it in shootout. Both goalies were lights out in it.

3: Gallo vs Vacuums

Gallo is either dominant or very poor. Today, without some key players, they were very poor and it looked like Vacuums was on a PP for a lot of the game.

Gurp Bhangal played well for Vacuums. He scored first. There was a weird bounce over the net and he tapped it in. 1-0.

Kal Sahota found himself open in the slot, took a feed from Sahib Bansal 2-0. Highlight reel goal was a sick passing play by Dipesh Chavda to Inder Sangha to Gurp who found Jason Heer streaking in back post. Goal.

Finally Gallo woke up. Sarman Malhi scored 4 minutes left in the first 3-1 at half. Then Jag Mann got hurt mid-game. Not sure how. The refs waited for a goalie change. Not much happened in the second until late in the game.

Despite their poor play, Gallo was within reach after Gurby Atwal scored with three minutes left. Then on his next shift with 2 minutes left he was in the mix again and scored to tie it 3-3.

But Justice prevailed, the good guys won. with a minute thirty left, on a nothing play, Jason Heer got the ball on the side of net , waited for something to open up. When it didn’t, he threw it mid-air on net and it was volleyed in by Sahib Bansal who had no room to move but somehow got his stick free. If Jason meant to do that, that was a derrrty apple. In any event,  great goal and Vacuums wins in regulation.

4: Eyes vs Henry Singer

Both goalies, Shiv and BK played great. There weren’t many goals because of this and the chances were few and far between.

4 minutes in, Jim Sidhu took a pass from Greg and sniped it bottom left to take the lead.

Then 10 minutes later, Amir Bains went on a break after a sick feed by Buddy Gandoke, no mistake 2-0.

HS scored after a simple dump play, Jaspal Dosanjh found Mathman in the high slot, one-time snipe to score.

That’s all she wrote. 2-1 Eyes.