Week 3

This blog post is late and we apologize. Right after Week 2 we turned our attention to Indo Cup then when we came back to review our game sheets, we couldn’t understand some of them. Instead of English, some of our timekeepers write in Urdu. But we have deciphered the script and can report on the week that was.

12: Fancy vs Eyes

Eyes game plan ought to have been contain Arjun Dhaliwal and force the others to beat you. This was also a big test for Eyes because this was their first game without Sim Sandhu as he is missing most of June. They will need to find offence elsewhere. They found it in Amir Bains. Just two minutes into the game he took a great pass by Jim Sidhu to go on a breakaway. Good luck catching him on a sprint. He showed good poise and put it past BK.

The lead didn’t last long. In fact, it lasted two minutes. Fancy started applying pressure and Rajbir Atwal, converted a Manraj Chana pass to make it square. Fancy didn’t stop there. Arjun Dhaliwal got on the board from Amit Mann and Harsahil Josan. Then Arjun Dhaliwal took over the game. He scored the next 3 goals and assisted the last. 4G 1A in six goals. Beastly. Fancy had 36 shots to Eyes, 18. It could have been much worse if not for BK. Greg and Jim scored in the loss. Amit Mann was the other scorer.

6-3 Fancy wins.

1: Henry Singer vs All India

HS was without some key pieces including their goalie Shiv Puri and Sunny Matharu 6000.  All India was going into this one undefeated full steam ahead.

Manjot Jaggi got the palty started. Rebound on his backhand, no mistake. Gurshawn Dhillon tied it up on the PP. Nice deflection on an Amit Singh point shot. HS was playing well but All India had the better and more frequent chances. Nonetheless it was 1-1 at half. Anybody’s game.

All India took over in the second. Rob Gakhal scored very early into the period. Right off the draw, assisted by Shishu Rajput. Then Anoop Sahota did well to drive down into HS’ zone at full speed. His shot got stopped but Shawn Atwal got the rebound. Gakhal put the game away when he got it right side, patiently waited before going shelf.

4-1 All India.

2: Vacuums vs Pizza 38

Alot of goals were scored. Most of them by Pizza 38. As we are in the process of confirming the time keeper’s writing, the game summary won’t be posted till later.

3: Gallo vs Dhillon Insurance

Both teams were short benched but had most of their big names. It was destined to be a very tight game but Deep Sangha had other plans.

Gallo came out of the gate buzzing. Multiple chances. Big saves by Jaz. Gallo then went on the PP. Some good passing, Sarman to Jas, cross to Deep, snipe.

Second Deep Sangha goal was on the following shift. After a give and go, he muscled his way into the slot area, went turnaround backhand with a d-man on him, 2-0.

Sanjay Sarker cut the lead in half on the PP. After working it around with Sunny and Navi Brar, he sniped passed Sim Deo.

2-1 into half.

In the second half, Deep scored again, found himself in close with the goalie before going backhand.

DI made a game of it, Sunny Brar ripped a slapshot on the PP. 3-2.

But, ultimately, Gallo was the better team today. Nadeem Gangji scored his first career pbhl. Slapshot on the PP. Raju Bagri iced the game with 6 minutes left, big time clapper. 5-2 Gallo win. Deep scored 3 assisted 2.

4: ACH vs Go Kia

It is too early to call this a 4 point game but both teams found themselves in the PBHL basement needing a win badly.

Go Kia was slow out of the gates but scored a timely PP goal ten minutes into the game to take the lead. Harminder Atwal floated one on net, fooling Karnjit Mann. ACH countered with a PP goal of their own 1 minute later. Sukhman Thind took a feed from Gurveer Chohan and slapped it through Raj Grewal.

Ricky Grewal scored from Deepu Sandhu to make it 2-1. Sukhman Thind made a great pass to send Waqas Khan on a breakaway. He went forehand backhand 2-2.

With two minutes left, Andy and Vick Grewal made a play happen off a turnover. Got it to Sarb Bath, he shot it top right. 3-2. Go Kia held them off for the win. 3-2 Go Kia.