Week 14 Recap


Jas Sadhra scored for Gallo assisted by the usual suspects, Sunny Khaira and Kal Sahota. This is the hottest line going into the playoffs. But that wasn’t enough. Eyes surprised many by winning this game while being outshot 26-22.

They have Mani Boparai from Amit Chavda then Gurp Bhangal from Sam Punian and Buddy Gandoke then Gurp Bhangal unassisted to thank for the win. Raj Grewal stood on his head in net.


This was the highlight for our season. Most entertaining game I have watched. This recap written months after won’t do it justice.

With Eyes beating Gallo, they could usurp the final playoff spot if All India lost in regulation or OT.

Pizza 38 eliminated earlier in the season was playing for sheer pride and they showed pounds of it in this game.

This was a seesaw affair. All India started off strong then Pizza 38 stormed back. Goals were scored as follows:

All India: (1)Rajan Dhami ft. Rob Gakhal; (2) Raju Bagri ft. Rajan Dhami (3) Jessi Sohi ft. nobody.

Pizza 38: (1) Kanwar Sandhu ft. Sawan Dhaliwal; (2) Mani Sira ft. Gurinder Sanghera and Sanjay Sarkar; (3) Kanwar Sandhu ft. Sanjay Sarkar and Mani Sira.

In the shootout AI: Shaneil Kumar X; Rob Gakhal O; Sandeep Gill O for the win;

Pizza 38: Sawan Dhaliwal O; Zee Abassi and Mani Sira both with Xs.


This game didn’t mean much right now but these two teams are expected to go far in the playoffs and could meet.

It wasn’t a match. Fancy won easy. Goals by Kik Brar ft. Amit Mann; Navi Brar ft Anoop Sahota and Karan Dhaliwal; and Anoop Sahota ft Navi Brar and Amit Mann.

Of course Arjun Dhaliwal scored the lone goal for Vacuums assisted by Raj Virdi.


Based on the games before it, ACH will play Gallo in the first round tomorrow. HS is guaranteed to play Vacuums. This game was more of a tune up before tomorrow. Hopefully no injuries.

As the stakes were low, defence wasn’t a priority. Good for us. High scoring game with Henry Singer winning in shootout.

ACH (1) Sandeip Khanna from Sunny Matharu (2) Navjot Sandhu from Sunny Matharu (3) Mano Sidhu from Jason Deol (4) Sandeip Khanna from Sunny Matharu and Navjot Sandhu.

HS (1) Simren Sandhu from Jiven Gill and Sonny Sekhon (2) Nick Janjua from Harpal Gill and Simren Sandhu (3) Akash Mehta from Simren Sandhu and Sonny Sekhon (4) Mahmoud Mahfouz unassisted.

Navi Sandhu scored, Avnash Mann and Karn Hayre missed for ACH. Sunny Basi scored, Gary Dhillon missed and Gagan Khaira scored giving HS the win.