PLAYOFFS Round 2 Game 2s


Fancy won convincingly yesterday and if today is anything like yesterday there will be no tomorrow for Gallo. Gallo needs to simplify their game and use their speed up front to give Fancy fits. Stay out of the box and they can win here. Fancy needs to continue to suffocate the Gallo attack and counter. They have skill upfront which will make Gallo pay should they make mistakes in their own end.

Gallo looked like a different team tonight. They were fast and aggressive on the forecheck and created fits for Fancy. Fancy couldn’t safely clear the ball. Captain Deep Sangha scored first. He took the ball near the side net. Powered his way into the crease then showed great patience sliding left then putting it up stairs.

It stayed that way for 5 minutes. Then Jim Sidhu converted on a delayed penalty to make it 1-1.

Both goalies played great and the Gallo defence were monsters today. The likes of Joti Atwal, Navtej Dhillon and Karn Sharma were unbeatable.

Gallo was ultimately rewarded for their hard work and strong play when Jason Heer scored the game winning goal early into the second period. Assisted by Sunny Khaira.


We expect a bounce back game from the young Vacuums squad. I understand that captain Banga has tried to mix up the lines to make some more room for Arjun and we’ll see if anything changes. A lot did change this game. Firstly, both teams were much tighter defensively. The goalies also were very strong on both sides. Balraj and Guppy were lights out. Accordingly, no one could score. This game needed OT then another OT. Then another OT. Everyone but the commish is loving continuous OT right now.

Eventually, after players were exhausted to the point they looked like they were sleep walking on the court. Sim Sandhu sealed the series with a heartbreaker. It was assisted by Chandan Sangha and Akash Mehta. Henry Singer advance to the finals. This will mark Sonny Sekhon’s first appearance at the show.