PLAYOFFS Round 2 Game 1s


Henry Singer will attempt where All India failed. Stopping the high scoring offence led by Arjun Dhaliwal. Vacuums who play sound position-ally but don’t have any shutdown defenders outside of their captain will be in tough against a well rounded Henry Singer offence which moves the ball well. Simren Sandhu is always dangerous when he is on. We expect Henry Singer who is much better rested (Vacuums having played yesterday) to win this one.

Sunny Basi got the party started on the PK. Yes a big shorthanded goal. He blocked a shot from the point. Ran after it, on the breakaway he went short side past Guppy Rai.

Manny Grewal maintained his red hot form. On vacation from his usual spot in front of the net, Manny showed range scoring a slap shot from the blue line. 1-1.

This one was a doozy. Not. After that one Vacuums goal. Henry Singer systematically took apart Vacuums. They made Arjun Dhaliwal go through at least two guys if he wanted to stick handle the zone. Perhaps showing his green, Arjun tried several times but he turned it over often. No one else on Vacuums could get nothing going offensively either.

Henry Singer controlled the game. Tajvir Dhillon scored from Mahmoud Mahfouz and Jessal Parmer. Mahmoud did the heavy lifting and Tajvir scored on a backdoor pass. Then Gary Dhillon scored from Simren Sandhu and Gagan Khaira. Again Sim Sandhu did the heavy lifting and found Gary back door but, to Gary’s credit, he showed good snipes by putting it top shelf far side. The score at half was 3-1 HS.

HS picked up where they left off. Akash retrieved the ball, found himself on a 2 v 1 with Jiven Gill, waited then made a nice pass to Jiven who tapped it in. Gagan Khaira added an exclamation mark by getting it in the high slot and passing it to Sunny Basi who scored. 5-1. Domination.


Fancy looks almost certain to win the league this year. They are making good teams look average. However, if there is one team that can do it, we think its Gallo. Both teams are athletic and aggressive. For the same reasons in the above game (rest), Fancy takes this one but, it won’t be easy.

O but it was. Fancy didn’t dominate. But they played a patient and structurally sound game almost goating Gallo to try to stick handle into the zone so they could cause a turnover. Gallo showed life in the first few minutes when they dumped and chased but then got caught in Fancy’s web. Once they have a lead, Fancy is very tough to beat.

Fancy’s first goal was scored on the power play. Good ball movement. Karan Dhaliwal to Anoop Sahota took a shot from far out. The rebound came to Amit Mann who scored. The second goal was scored by Greg Gandoke, he got stopped initially but jammed in his own rebound. Assists gifted to Jim Sidhu and Raji Deol. Finally, the third goal was scored shorthanded once Gallo put everyone forward in hopes to score. Navi Brar went on a breakaway and showed nice hands putting it upstairs. 3-0 Fancy win.

The two top seeds won. This is uncharted territory in our 5 years in the PBHL. We usually see at least one upset. Not today.