Week 10 Recap


This was a very important game. Both teams are near the bottom of the league and fighting to stay alive. A shock considering where we pitted them at the start of the season.

The first goal was scored exactly 9 minutes in the game. All India broke out cleanly out of their zone after Ganj recovered a turnover. He passed it to Jaspal who found Virdee. Virdee took a shot. The rebound came to the newly acquired Raju Bagri who took a shot and finally scored off his own rebound. 1-0.

Eyes generally played pretty well. This was without their captain who was away. Eyes tied it up 1 minute after All India scored. The goal was scored by Gurp Bhangal. The play started when Sim Mahal gained the opposition zone on an individual effort. The ball bounced to Mani Boparai who passed it to Gurp. Gurp ran in and wristed it far side.

It was 2-1 Eyes after Gurveer Chohan received a pass near the point. He feigned a slap shot, the forward covering him lunged, he walked around and shot it past Jaz Randhawa.

2-1 at half. It was 2-2 after Eyes was guilty of a bad line change. Dhami saw this, quickly passed it up the boards to Jessi Sohi who found himself on a 2-0 with Sandeep Gill. Sandeep Gill made no mistake.

Amit Chavda took a tripping penalty with 7 minutes left in the game. The All India powerplay was dreadful. To make matters worse, Amit Chavda got out of the box at the perfect time and was on a 3v2. He received a pass from Randy Jhattu, did his best to keep control of it. As it looked like he lost it in his feet, he turned and fired far side for the goal. 3-2.

An insurance goal was scored after Eyes showed great possession in the opponents zone. Gurp Bhangal had it behind the net and he found Mani Boparai, returning the favour from earlier. Mani put it past Jaz. 4-2.

The All India power play continued to struggle which hurt them deeply as they had consecutive power plays to end the game.

Instead it was Randy Jhattu who scored the final goal after taking a good pass by Joe Chahal. Randy went forehand backhand on the clear breakaway to end this one.

A huge win for Eyes.


Pizza 38 is in last place. They need this win to keep their season alive. Just before this match, they traded their first round pick Navi Brar and Amiraj Jawanda for Robbie Brar and Sanjay Sarker. This trade was not received well by the players who felt that Pizza 38 made a bad move. At least for this week, the public was wrong.

Pizza 38 scored first. Sarman Malhi received the ball two feet past the blue line in the offensive zone, he turned and fired. Top cheese. The refs initially waved it off but discussed further and ruled it a goal. Which from our angle was the right call.

HS enjoyed the lions share of possession in this game and one could argue that they deserved to win. After a short period of solid back and forth passing, Sim Sandhu drove to the net from the right wing. His backhand went well wide which ended up a blessing as Nick Janjua put away the rebound.

They took the lead after a horrible mistake in the defensive zone by a Pizza 38 defender. Sim Sandhu faked a slap shot on the breakaway. The goalie bit and Sim walked around him and scored.

Robie Brar evened things up with a goal two minutes into the second half. It was assisted by Sanjay Sarker and Amanvir Sanghera. All 3 guys are new additions to this team.

Gagan Khaira gave HS another lead with 7 minutes left. He took a rather weak shot from the point that slid under the goalies pads.

Robie scored again with 4:30 left. It was assisted by Sanjay and another recently acquired player in Kanwar Sandhu.

With 3:30 left, HS scored what appeared to be the game winner. Sim Sandhu who else. On a 2v1 he kept, showed hesitation and then sniped. 4-3.

Pizza 38 showed preserverance which was missing from their game all season. With 2:23 left in the game. Sanjay scored assisted by Kanwar and Robie.

HS put in loads of pressure near the end but couldn’t find the final goal. Pizza 38 did very well to secure 1 point and maybe more.

OT didn’t provide much excitement and a shootout was required.

HS Shooters were Mahfouz, Sim Sandhu and Akash Mehta

Pizza 38 shooters were Kanwar Sandhu, Sarb Bath, Sarman Mallhi

Extra shooters were required. Jiven Gill missed and Ricky Grewal won it for Pizza 38.


The only thing even about this game were the shot totals. Gallo took 3 penalties and Vacuums took none but it looked like Gallo was shorthanded the entire game.

After about a minute in the Gallo zone, Sewak Lalli found Manny Grewal in the slot area. The shot was slow but Manny got it off quickly and it rolled through the goalies pads.

Manny scored his second goal with two minutes left in the first half. It was similar to the first, Manny was in his office near the goalie crease and he converted on a rebound off an Arjun Dhaliwal shot.

Vacuums were relentless all game. Their forecheck was fierce and they capitalized on Gallo’s inability to clear their zone cleanly.

Gopi Bansal made it 3-0 from Sukhman and Armanjot Gill. No relation.

4-0 after Armanjot scored assisted by Arjun Dhaliwal.

Gallo is hanging on a thread to the final playoff spot. Next week’s game vs Pizza 38 was huge playoff implications.

Vacuums after dropping some games to teams it shouldn’t have lost to, found their groove. This team when firing, is scary.


Fancy was very short. They were missing at least 3 of their top 4 defenders and it showed big time. As such, there is not much to say about this game. ACH absolutely dominated this game and the 5 goal run-time rule was activated in the first half.

7-1 for ACH

Goals scored by ACH: Sukhman Thind, Rookie Avnash Mann, Jasjeet Jandu, Harminder Atwal x 2, Rookie Ashish Singh, and Sunny Matharu.

Goals scored by Fancy: Karan Dhaliwal.