12:00PM Vacuums vs Pizza 38

This game meant a little extra to Amanvir Sanghera and Armanjot Gill. Both were traded for each other just a few days ago.

The first goal was scored 2 minutes into the game. A shot was taken from the point. It was blocked on its way towards the net, it fell to Arjun Dhaliwal in the slot. He threw it on net. The shot was going wide but it Sewak Lalli’s kneecap and redirected towards net. The goalie had no chance.

Sarman Malhi tied it up two minutes after that. It was on the PP, he took a shot from just inside the point and ripped it. 1-1.

Amanvir Sanghera looked rejuvenated. Sometimes a change of scenery is all that is needed. He showed jets going on a breakaway and putting it in five hole.

Arjun Dhaliwal scored the second goal for Vacuums with ten minutes into the game. Assisted by Gopi Bansal. 2-2

Sewak Lalli wasn’t done. He is quietly having himself a very good season and definitely is deserving of his second round selection. He made the most of the team’s pp. He shelfed a tight angle shot 3-2.

Arjun Dhaliwal was busy scoring and assisting. He threaded a needle to find Raj Virdi who made no mistake. Another PP goal. Pizza 38 took 18 minutes in penalties. Vacuums took 12.

Manni Sira made it respectful when he scored two minutes into the second half. Assisted by Sarb Bath.

But that is all she wrote. Manny Grewal scored two goals consecutively to end this game 6-3.


We weren’t expecting much from Gallo as they had a depleted lineup vs a very strong Fancy team. Gallo surprised us and if not for a epic collapse in the last 3 minutes, they may have came away with something.

Gallo scored first. It was on the PP, Kal Sahota cleaned up a wide shot taken by Hinda Sandhu. 6 second after that, Fancy tied it up. Rajbir Atwal scored what I believe to be his first PBHL goal. Well done by the rookie huge goal.

Jas Sadhra gave Gallo the lead shortly after. Sunny Khaira found him set up on the far side and he one-timed it through the goalie.

Karan Dhaliwal evened it up 2-2 and it was all square at half.

The game was fairly even. As it wore on, Gallo got more tired and Fancy took advantage. There were spurts were Fancy had the majority of possession but no glaring chances were exchanged.

Gallo took the lead with 4 minutes into the game. Jason Heer did well to gain the zone and pass it to Shishu Rajput who shoveled it one more time to Sunny Khaira to spring him on a breakaway. Sunny went far side and gave Gallo a 3-2 lead.

This is kind of sad considering how often this happens to Gallo. They took a high sticking call shortly after the go ahead goal. On the delayed penalty, Jim Sidhu showed great composure near the front of the net and eventually found Kik Brar who backhanded it top shelf 3-3.

With less than two minutes left, Sanjay Sarkar popped in a rebound to make it 4-3. 45 seconds after that Karan Dhaliwal iced the game. 5-3.

2:00PM Art Custom Homes vs All India

This was a hard fought game between two teams that don’t score much but don’t allow many goals either.

Jesse Virdee scored off a nice shot from Jessy Sohi and Navi Grewal.

Navjot Sandhu scored for ACH assisted by Sandiep Khanna. Another rookie getting it done.

Navi Grewal scored next assisted by Kulshaan Kahlon and Sandeep Gill.

Balraj Layal scored from Jason Deol to tie it 2-2.

The game winner was scored by Jesse Virdee assisted by Jessy Sohi and Kulshaan Kahlon.

It appears that the trades made by their captain have really energized the team. Newly acquired Jessi Sohi was involved on most goals and Jesse Virdee looked good wearing a letter on his chest.

Art Custom Homes played short and are reeling without their captain. Shots were fairly even. 20-19 for All India.

3:00PM Henry Singer vs Eyes on 34th

Eyes sorely needs a win but Henry Singer is a top team.

Eyes had some chances but just don’t have the ability to score. Captain Buddy Gandoke has been reluctant making any moves. Every game they lose by a goal, you have to think time is running out. This team needs a spark offensively.

Akash Mehta scored the first goal of the game after Mahmoud Mahfouz won the draw. He wristed it bottom left.

Props to Mahmoud. We understand that he is celebrating Ramadan this month meaning he cannot consume even water before games. It doesn’t show. He was flying again today and scored the second goal for HS. It was beauty. He faked the shot, walked around a defender and then wrapped it around the goalie.

Joe Chahal scored the lone goal from Sunny Nerval. Eyes outshot Henry Singer, just couldn’t turn that into a result.