Latest Trade Rumours


Pizza 38

Pizza 38 wasted no time after their loss to shake things up. Armanjot Gill was traded for Amanvir Sanghera. We understand that Pizza 38 was Amanvir’s preferred destinations for a trade. That is surprising considering Pizza 38 sits in last place but he’ll have a large role in getting their offence back on track and he’ll be re-united with his cousin Gurinder Sanghera.

I don’t think they are done. Amiraj Jawanda’s value has increased as he is putting up points this season. That makes him trade bait. Mani Sira is usually drafted by Sarb and we don’t see Sarb trading him. Jessi Sohi is likely being shopped.

Eyes on 34th

Buddy Gandoke has been looking for offence for quite some time. Rumours suggest that he is willing to consider offers for almost anyone on the team for more offence. We doubt he’ll move Raj Grewal, the two were spotted coordinating their costumes for a WWE themed party Saturday Night.

It is more likely that Gurp Bhangal and Joe Chahal are being shopped. Teams are interested in many Eyes’ players looking to supplement their lines with players such as Kurny Bains.

Vacuums r Us

This team is good but it is only as good as Arjun Dhaliwal on any given day. They are one game breaker and one top 4 d-man away from being a championship team.

To get either of the above, they will need to move some talented players. Sewak Lalli and Gopi Bansal come to mind.

All India

Rob Gakhal has not hid the fact that everyone on his team is available. Therefore, all teams are interested in Jesse Virdee but, it will take a lot to get him. All India has too many forwards that rely on their shot to score. They need more speed up front. Prediction: One of Kanwar Sandhu, Navi Grewal or Rajan Dhami will be moved if All India doesn’t beat ACH this week.

Art Custom Homes

Raju Bagri will not be available for the playoffs. ACH has basically clinched a playoff spot, does that mean Raju Bagri will be traded to a team needing a top 4 d man to make the playoffs? We think so.

Gallo and Company

Three weeks ago Deep Sangha was receiving calls from multiple teams about Sunny Khaira, Kal Sahota and Jas Sadhra. He was hesitant to make a move and his patience was rewarded. Since then, this line has produced. Gallo have won two straight and are gelling. I don’t think anyone on that line will be moved. There are teams interested in Nav Dhillon but he has proved himself to be a very capable top 4 dman. We don’t think Gallo makes any big moves in the near future.

Henry Singer

We don’t expect HS to make any big changes. Sonny may want to sell high with Mahmoud Mahfouz but, he Mahmoud is playing well and creating offence every game. If someone in top 6 is getting moved, we think it’ll be Gagan Khaira.

Fancy Doors

There is no evidence to suggest that Amit is looking to make a move. His team keeps winning. They have some big boys upfront and their power play is fire. If they need anything, its speed up front. Robie Brar has value as a power forward and that might be one piece going the other way if Amit decides to trade for more speed.