Week 4 Recap


Henry Singer entered this game with 4 points, All India, 2.

There was an interesting flow to this game. Especially considering that this was not a high scoring game. Each team enjoyed a lot of chances and took many shots. 26 shots a piece to be exact.

On an aside, we noticed that teams with offensive and mobile defenceman are at a great advantage this season. Likely because these defenceman can create chances on their own and are capable of gaining the opponent’s zone fairly easily.

Back to the game. Akash Mehta drew first blood for Henry Singer when he scored 7 minutes into the first half. This was a PP goal, the team worked the ball nicely around the perimeter and Akash curled in from the halfboads are wristed it past Jaz Dhaliwal. Jaz Dhaliwal, who has been playing good this season, was very shaky with his rebound control initially but, got better as the game went on.

All India tied it up 3 minutes into the second half. Kanwar Sandhu took a page out of Akash’s book when he curled in from 3 feet into the zone and snapped a shot far side to beat Balraj Khosah. 1-1.

This tie was short-lived. 3 minutes after that, an All India failed to clear the zone and turned the ball over. Sonny Sekhon pounced on the loose ball and passed it to his defensive partner Jiven Gill. Jiven walked in and took a wrist shot that found some light under the arm of Jaz Dhaliwal.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was 2 minutes after Jiven’s goal. Sonny Sekhon found some space in the slot and took a shot. It was blocked and sailed 8 feet into the air. Gagan Khaira batted it towards goal on the way down to score a great goal. Supreme hand eye coordination on that effort.

Balraj Khosah’s absolute robbery on Jasdeep Jandu with two minutes left sealed the deal. Kanwar Sandhu did well to create a turnover and passed it cross-crease to Jandu. BK dove to the other side of the net and made a huge save. Jasdeep got a second crack at the rebound  but, sailed it over the net.

Henry Singer wins 3-1.

One of All India’s bright spots this game was Nadeem Gangji. He showed great speed out there and caused many turnovers. I am sure word got back to Sukhman Thind who traded him the week before.

Nonetheless, All India’s goal scoring woes continue. They only have 4 goals in 4 games. Rob Gakhal must be considering making a move for a forward with game-breaking potential, but at what cost?


Both teams were undefeated and shared the top spot in the standings before this one.

When we found out that Arjun Dhaliwal was missing for Vacuums, we thought this would be a sure win for Art Custom Homes. We were wrong.

Captain Bob Banga got the party started for Vacuums scoring from the point with 4 minutes left in the first half. Captain Sukhman Thind countered with a goal of his own after moving down the left wing and snapping it short side on Gurpreet Rai. 1-1.

Manny Grewal gave Vacuums the lead again when he scored a Manny Grewal goal 5 minutes into the second half. Ric Flair Woos could be heard from the stands.

Vacuums were a good bet to take all the points but Art Custom Homes drew even when Mano Sidhu scored with three minutes left in the game.

Although there were penalties during, overtime solved nothing.

Vacuums shot first in the shootout. Bob Banga missed. Raju Bagri missed for ACH. Amanvir Sanghera missed. Jason Deol scored for ACH. Balraj Lally missed for Vacuums.

Art Custom Homes win 3-2 in SO to take top spot in the standings.

Vacuums showed that they aren’t just a one racehorse team. Art Custom Homes is well balanced and benefiting from a solid back end and steady goalie in Shiv Puri.


These two teams were battling for last place in the standings. Gallo had 1 point and Pizza had 0.

Gallo dominated the first 10 minutes of this game. They forechecked well and caused turnovers to get second chance opportunities. They were rewarded 3 minutes into the game when Sunny Khaira won a faceoff clean back to Jas Sadhra who snapped it on net. The goalie made the initial stop but Sunny showed great reaction speed to clean up the rebound.

Piku Singh, a replacement goalie, on the same shift denied a redirection attempt with a toenail save.

Gallo took a slashing penalty late into the first but, were able to kill all 4 minutes of penalty. It remained 1-0 at half.

Deep Sangha made it 2-0 after Kal Sahota did well to hustle back, win the ball in the defensive end and feed Deep on a 3 v 2.

Ricky Grewal for Pizza 38 cut the lead in half with ten minutes left. Momentum shifted.

Pizza 38 took their game to another level after this goal and Gallo was on their heels for the rest of the game.

Pizza were hard done by a goal scored by rookie Deepak Gill after a good pass from behind the net by Vick Mander. 3-1.

Suksham Sham had an opportunity to seal it for Gallo when he was sent on a breakaway by Jas Sadhra. He showed good hands but was thwarted by the goalie after deking himself into a tough finish.

This is when episode 1 of the Navi Brar show got started. Gallo took a penalty for two many men and Navi Brar made them pay with 3:16 left in the game. 3-2.

Navi tied it with 2:22 left by batting in a missed shot first time which had careened off the back boards. That was his second goal of this nature. Great hand eye. Mike Leblanc had no chance.

Gallo contributed to their own demise when they took a 4 minute cross checking penalty behind the play. This penalty carried over into overtime and Navi Brar, who else, converted on his natural hat trick by scoring with 3:28 left in OT.

Huge momentum win for Pizza 38. This is exactly what they needed to save their season. Gallo is the same song and dance every week. They come out strong. Fizzle out. Take undisciplined penalties that exacerbate the fact that they are playing in their own zone for most of the game.  Their horses upfront don’t get the ball and his goalie, who is playing admirably, has to deal with second chance efforts on most plays.

Surely he is looking for defensive reinforcement and he may need to make a move soon before his team digs deeper into the last place spot.


Fancy had 5 points before this one. Eyes only had two but was coming off a big win last week.

Both goalies played well in this game.

It was Fancy that struck first. Sanjay Sarker scored from the faceoff dot to put them ahead 1-0. Less than a minute later, rookie Ronnie Sandhu was left wide open in front of the net and he went five hole tying the game 1-1.

Fancy took the lead with 5 minutes left in the half when Jim Sidhu put a backhand attempt upstairs and past Rajbir Mallhi.

Fancy found themselves in penalty trouble after Karan Dhaliwal took a 4 minute elbowing penalty. Fancy did well killing the penalty, Eyes looked out of sorts on the PP. After the penalty and with less than a minute left, Karan scored on an empty netter. 3-1 Fancy Doors.

Although Eyes out-shot Fancy 20-10 in this game, they have nothing to show for it. They now have 5 goals in 4 games.  Eyes is also desperately searching for some scoring.

That makes All India and Eyes as two teams needing scoring. Gallo needs defensive help. Vacuums has scoring in spades. Possible 4 way trade?